Relic of Dark Death

A necromantic skull was found within Treavus’ box. The players learn that he was transporting it to a mountain temple in the Sothpeaks mountain range in Alasia where he hoped the holy monks could keep it safe. They learn that the teleportation device in faralax’s room is the gateway to this other world.

Part One: Journey to the new world.

After returning to Fallcrest and talking to treavus the players are offered 2 choices depending on how the conversation goes. He either asks them to escort him to the mountain where the monks are or to take it off his hands and deliver it.
If they ask about Morgana, if he knows her.
Can’t say i have heard of her at all, with name like Morgana someone may have heard something around town.
If he knows anything about the Lair Malareth went to.
I do believe it was an old temple site built by an ancient minotaur clan. Apart from that i know nothing. Sorry
If he knows the person who may have wrote that note behind the minotaur statue.
After reading the note he points out that it may be from the hand of dwarfven kin and that the Clan reference in the note may give reason to that trail of thought.

When the players are satisfied with the conversation, stocked up on supplies and ready to leave read:
You set out early the following morning back to the Twisting Halls. After a brief conversation with Faralax you learn that he can activate this portal and will do so for your help with Malareth. You all step onto the teleportation device on the floor of the room. Faralax starts muttering incantations in Draconic, eyes glowing with cold blue flame. Purple and blue tendrils curl around the three of you spinning faster and faster, moving at all angles in a circular fashion. Consciousness of the room starts fading away the faster they move around you until all is a blurr of colour. A flash of bright white light stuns your senses but fades away fairly quickly and you notice the hard flagstones of the dragons room is now soft green grass. As you regain your senses and bearings you hear the clash of metal upon metal and the shouts of of battle. You turn to see three scout looking humans fighting a group of small green wiry creatures.

Relic of Dark Death

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